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We are YOUR LOCAL CHOICE for Lawn Treatments, Irrigation Installations, Trench Work & Light Landscaping. Beautiful, lush, green lawns are our trademark – Let Matt’s TURF and more help you become the envy of your neighborhood. Now Serving Evansville Indiana, Newburgh Indiana & surrounding areas.

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Matt’s TURF and More Premium Lawn Service Offerings


Weed Control, Fertilize, Winterize & Insect Control with Matt’s TURF 7-Step Lawn Diet Program. Broadleaf weed treatments, Secret Sauce treatment, Soil samples and more. Get on the program today!

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Make It Rain! with an Irrigation System by Matt’s TURF and more. Premium Irrigation System Planning & Installation to keep your thirsty lawn properly hydrated.

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Trench It, Plow It or Bore Under It – Let Matt’s TURF go underground so you don’t have to. We take the hassle and mess out of creating the holes and trenches perfect for running underground piping holding electrical wires & cable, water lines, and more.

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Landscape bed weed control and ornamental tree and shrub applications!

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Double Core Aerating and Over Seeding, Power Seeding,  Thickening or thinning turf, high quality grass seed and more!

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