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After summer heat, your lawn may have thinned, or maybe you just want to keep having the best looking yard in the neighborhood. Aeration and overseeding by Matt’s TURF with premium seed is the answer.  Schedule a Lawn Reseeding with Matt’s TURF today.

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Benefits of Aeration and Over Seeding/Reseeding

The core aeration process works like this – we use a special machine to pull plugs out of the ground (about the size of your thumb) throughout your yard. These holes help relieve the soil compaction which occurs during the hot summer days and “bakes” the clay soil of southern Indiana into hard, dense soil that strangles the roots of your grass. Aeration allows the grass to breathe again and lets in more water and nutrients.

The thatch, when it is thicker than a half-inch, can prevent the absorption of oxygen, water, and other nutrients to the grass roots.
Thicker, healthier grass is the best way to control broadleaf and grassy weeds. The denser your lawn, the less room these weeds will have to grow.
The ideal time to seed your lawn is **mid-August through the end of October. **irrigated lawns

Why Is Fall The Best Time To Reseed?

Your new seeds will have more time to mature and establish a stronger root system. Spring seeding do not give your young seed the proper time needed to develop before the summer heat comes. Crabgrass pre-emergent will interfere with your new grass seed, and without your pre-emergent applied early in the year, you will not be able to properly protect your lawn from the unwanted “grassy” weeds.*

The time of year that you have seeding performed is extremely important. Fall is the best time for seeding because of the weather conditions. The soil is still warm but the air is cool so your lawn isn’t under a lot of added stress. These are the best possible growing conditions for your new seed.

If your lawn is in really bad shape, then you might need more than lawn aeration and overseeding service to fix it. You might need a lawn renovation.

There are a few ways that this can be addressed depending upon what’s going on with your property.
For one, power seeding, which is also sometimes called “slice seeding,” or “slit seeding,” is an intensive process that is performed on golf courses. It utilizes a piece of machinery that cuts rows into the soil to plant like the seed (much like a row of crops). The result is that this is highly effective at filling in bare spots.

Of course, power seeding can be fairly aggressive and harsh on the lawn. It’s not often needed throughout the entire lawn, but just for some really bad bare spots.

Another option for a lawn renovation that we have done with some clients is starting from scratch. If your lawn is in really rough shape and maybe has more weeds and bare spots than a healthy lawn, it might benefit you to just start over. We can determine this on a case-by-case basis depending upon your wants and needs and what your lawn conditions are really like.

When we do take this route, we’ll apply a non-selective herbicide to eliminate all existing weeds and grasses. Once all existing vegetation has been eliminated, conditions are ideal for power seeding.

By now you probably see that there’s a lot more to seeding than just tossing grass seed down. Ideally, you want to couple a seeding service with machinery that will help get your soil in a better condition to receive the seed (either via lawn aeration or power seeding). A landscaping professional is going to be able to perform these services to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your lawn seeding service.

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