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Keeping our customers happy is a top priority at Matt’s TURF. Our customer testimonials are all from REAL CLIENTS that use our services and have had great experiences. Should you be trying to decide if our services are for you, please don’t hesitate to ask for references. Many of our happy customers would gladly tell you about their experiences.

This is going to be the 3rd year Matt has treated my yard. It’s nice letting someone else remember when and what to apply to my lawn, and Matt takes care of it. There was one time when the weeds didn’t die all the way, so with 1 phone call and less then 48 hours later, Matt promptly came out and re-sprayed those areas at no charge. This definitely showed me that Matt cares about his customers. Because of this, I have had no problems referring him out to others. After all, I have gotten many compliments on my yard since I hired Matt’s TURF and more…” March 2014

Andy Jarboe; Jarboe Plumbing Service Evansville, IN

Matt provides great customer service and our lawn has never looked better.  I can always count on Matt to go the extra mile!”

Chris Schafer; Homeowner in Evansville, IN

It is very important to our business to maintain a professional image.  Matt has come through for us by keeping our lawn very healthy and green.  We definitely recommend his services!”

Chad A. Sander, CFP®, Payne Wealth Partners; Business Client in Evansville, IN

Matt has been my go-to lawn professional for the last 3 homes I have owned (plus as far as I know the new owners have all been so impressed they have kept him on!), and has nursed each yard from patchy average looking to thick and green. The transformations have been amazing. Year after year my lawn has been the greenest on the block, with little to no weeds, which makes them enjoyable to mow. This will be my 7th year with Matt, and he still always personally addresses any and all questions and concerns. Thank you Matt!”

Ryan Wagner; Homeowner in Newburgh, IN


Last year (2013) I started having Matt treat my yard, he exceeded my expectations, especially when it came to the weeds, and I’m greener then both of my neighbors.  That led into having him do some work for us with his trencher.  We now call Matt on all of our water services.  He preps the area for our plumbers, then after they’re done, he backfills and cleans up the area.  It sure works out better then renting, plus this saves me time and money!!!

Kirk Reising; Bill’s Plumbing Service, Evansville, IN

During one of the cold spells this winter, (2014) we were so covered up that we called Matt (with specific instructions on where to dig) to help us with a water service.  He got right on it!!!  Before digging, he inspected the area. “GLAD HE DID” The broken pipe was opposite where the homeowner said the leak was.  We showed up, made our repair, and Matt backfilled. GOOD EYE MATT!

Jarboe Plumbing; Evansville, IN

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