Lawn Reseeding

A Thick, Lush Lawn is your Best Defense Against Weeds!

After summer heat, your lawn may have thinned, or maybe you just want to keep having the best looking yard in the neighborhood. Aeration and overseeding by Matt’s TURF with premium seed is the answer.  Schedule a Lawn Reseeding with Matt’s TURF today.

Benefits of Aeration and Over Seeding/Reseeding


  • Reduces thatch
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Increases air to soil transfer
  • Improves water absorption
  • Gives fertilizer a direct path to roots
  • Encourages stronger roots for thicker turf
  • Thick lawns crowd out weeds
  • 6 pounds per 1000sqft of premium fescue seed

Why is FALL the BEST Time to Reseed?

Your new seeds will have more time to mature and establish a stronger root system. Spring seeding fails because you are not giving your young seed the proper time needed to develop before the summer heat comes. Crabgrass pre-ermergents will inhibit your new grass seed, and without your pre-emergent applied early in the year, you will not be able to properly protect your lawn from the unwanted “grassy” weeds.*

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