Lawn Care Tips

Matt’s TURF Top Care Tips for a Beautiful & Healthy Lawn

Looking for lawn care tips to keep your outdoor space looking good? Sticking with our tips you will find your lawn will get even more beautiful year after year and be much easier, and more enjoyable to maintain long-term.

 Lawn Care TIP:  Mow as high as possible (4 inches or higher)
 TIP:  Change mowing patterns each time you mow. (diagonal, cross-grain, or reverse direction)
 TIP:  Mulch clippings to recycle nutrients back into the soil. 
 TIP:  Water in early morning, never evening. (hot sun can burn tips, wet grass can mold at night)
 Lawn Care TIP:  Keep mower blades sharp for optimum cut. (less jagged grass tips)
Lawn Care TIP:  We suggest a Fall aeration and over seed each year. 

Our premium lawn services include: lawn treatments, irrigation installations, trench work and underground boring, as well as light landscaping maintenance.

With time, a good lawn care program, proper watering, and proper mowing practices, any yard can look great. Let Matt’s TURF help YOUR yard be the envy of the neighborhood!

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Lawn Care Tips March 7, 2014